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Driven by trust since 1957

Tampereen Kirjanpitotoimisto Ltd., or TKT for short, is an accounting firm from Tampere, Finland. We have been serving companies in the Pirkanmaa region for more than 60 years.

We see it as a good start. During that time we have got to know the needs of local companies by heart. We have also learned to change with the times, and hold on to the principles that have made us a trusted partner of our clients. Our experience gives us a strong foundation to build on for the forthcoming decades. We plan to keep on serving our clients long into the future.

Our four cornerstone values are trust, commitment, a high level of professionalism and personal service. As a result, our client relationships are usually very long, often spanning generations of entrepreneurs.

We specialise in serving small and medium-sized enterprises, and our services are divided into three main categories:

Accounting Services

Our accounting services cover all the core functions of financial administration: bookkeeping, closing of accounts, records of accounts receivable and payable, administration of transactions and payroll, and all reporting, including monthly and annual tax reports.

Services are always defined according to the customer’s needs, as an all-inclusive package or a combination of selected services.

Outsourced Financial Administration

With the help of our outsourcing services, a company can supplement or streamline its internal processes by transferring tasks related to financial administration to us partly or completely. We are able to provide a wide range of services, from an outsourced controller to maternity leave substitutes. Service bundles and the terms of the contract are individually tailored for each customer. Services can be rendered either externally or on-site at the client’s offices.


Jurisdiction related to business, taxation and administration affects every enterprise. That is why we also provide legal consulting and services in addition to our financial administration services. We can help you with all legal and tax-related questions and processes, whether you are starting up a company, changing the form of your company, planning a succession or facing a tax audit.  We can draw up articles of partnership and other company agreements, and we can help you with questions related to labour law and collective agreements. We also provide personal consulting for inheritance arrangements, including taxation and wills.

Services from each category can easily be combined to meet your needs. For us, each client is an individual who gets a personalised service.

For more information, please contact Mr Markus Hietaniemi, tel. +358 505 726 075